JR Thomas

Want to read a book about faith? Find out what the Christian Bible says about life and death?

Spirit Heart Soul – Origins & Destinies goes deep into what the Bible says about heaven and hell. Come on a journey with me to find answers to some of life’s biggest questions in this nonfiction book about faith. Click below to instantly download your free copy (valued at $5.36 on Amazon).

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Spirit Heart Soul by JR Thomas book cover
...this is a book to be warmly recommended for the breadth of its compilation and distillation into accessible, easy-to-read sections.
Ann Hamilton
...it was an easy read and perfect for someone lost looking for direction in their faith!
Jason Conrad
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Realm of Angels - Light

Realm of Angels – Light is my first novel that follows the journey of Angels here on earth. Based on real Bible truths it will expand your imagination as you consider the heavenly realms. Click below to instantly download your free copy (valued at $23.35 hard copy).

“Gilliad hovered, weightless, suspended on the timeless eve of eternity past. It was hard to put into words what it felt like to suddenly exist. There was nothing that he could compare with the awareness of being he felt at that moment. He was not and then, in a breath, he was. Simple as that… the beginning.”

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Julie Thomas

Author & Artist

Julie Thomas

Hi! I’m Julie. I’m a creative based in Brisbane, Australia. I’m so glad you’re here!

I write books about faith under the pen name, JR Thomas. After selling my books, Spirit Heart Soul – Origins & Destinies and Realm of Angels – Light, online via Amazon and other retailers over the past few years, I recently decided to make them available here for free so that more people can hear their message.

Over the last three years, I’ve focused mainly on artwork, specialising in realistic charcoal portraits. I love seeing the image come to life on paper and have worked hard at perfecting my technique. After getting a lot of requests, I now offer commissioned art pieces for clients alongside some selected works of art for sale.

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