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Want to read a story about angels based on what the bible says?

While writing my first book, Spirit Heart Soul – Origins and Destinies, I learnt so much about angels in the Bible that I was inspired to write about them some more, but this time in the form of my first fiction book.

And so, Realm of Angels – Light was created. My prayer is that you will enjoy this light and easy read, a book of hope, promise, and just a little humour thrown in for good measure.

After I published this book in 2014 and released it on Amazon Kindle (valued at $3.49) and in Paperback ($14.95), I decided to make the ebook available here as a free download so that more people can enjoy it.

I’d love you to have a copy of the ebook for free – no strings attached!

So please download the book, read it, and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and church network. And let me know what you think.

– Julie Thomas, author






What readers are saying

Pleasantly surprised, this was a well written enjoyable read. From creation to birth this story is told through the angels' perspective which was a nice and interesting take on what has been written in the Bible.
Thank you for your wonderful words. I absolutely loved it – the descriptions are so vivid, the humour is delightful and the theology so well explained. I plan to buy some copies as gifts this Christmas. Thank you again. Please keep up the writing.

A little excerpt...

Gilliad hovered, weightless, suspended on the timeless eve of eternity past. It was hard to put into words what it felt like to suddenly exist. There was nothing he could compare with the awareness of being he felt at that moment. He was not, and then, in a breath, he was. Simple as that … the beginning.
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What's inside?

This fiction book is a novel based on the true events that have shaped the hearts and lives of mankind, along with the imaginings of the lives of angels. Experience through the eyes of angels the magnificence of heaven:

  • The King’s garden
  • The children’s paradise
  • The training fields
  • The sanctuary
  • The Great Hall
  • The New Jerusalem

Is this novel just for Christians?

No. Anyone can enjoy Realm of Angels – Light, no matter what you believe or where you are on your spiritual journey. As a work of fiction inspired by the Bible, you can enjoy it as pure fiction. However, Christian readers will be more able to recognise and appreciate the biblical truths behind it.

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