A ‘light’ but enjoyable read for you!

‘What’s it all about?’ I hear you ask. I have very good hearing you know and I am glad you asked.

Well, here’s a little peek:

‘Gilliad hovered, weightless, suspended on the timeless eve of eternity past. It was hard to put into words what it felt like to suddenly exist. There was nothing he could compare with the awareness of being that he felt at that moment. He was not, and then in a breath, he was. Simple as that . . . the beginning.’

Witness the incredible unfolding of Creation and the beginnings of mankind through the eyes of the angel Gilliad – gentle protector and faithful servant, not to mention culinary connoisseur, and his friend Latorius – loyal and trustworthy, with a reputation for impulsiveness and pushing the boundaries.

Realm of Angels: Light retells the true events that have shaped the hearts and lives of mankind along with the imaginings of the lives of angels, and the magnificence and splendour of heaven – the King’s garden, the children’s paradise, the training fields, the sanctuary, The Great Hall, and The New Jerusalem.

Realm of Angels: Light chronicles the lives of those on the earth intertwined with the lives of the hosts of heaven – a tapestry – the weaving together of the warp and the weft – to create the fabric of history. It is a story of paradise lost, of promise, of hope, of beginnings, endings, and beginnings . . . of paradise found.

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“Really?’ I hear you say.

‘Yes,’ I say.

I hope you enjoy reading this book. I would love to hear what you think.

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